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Simple Telnet Server in Node.js

I was playing with Node.js and started putting together a simple telnet server to learn a bit about it. I am going to walk through it in phases from “super simple” to more complex. But first, let’s ask ourselves – … Continue reading

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Installing Node.js

An acquaintance of mine noticed that I put together the previous post regarding Javascript inheritance in Node.js, and asked what that was. When I explained, the next question of course was how to install it. I don’t want to reinvent … Continue reading

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Javascript Objects and Inheritance with Node.js

It has been years since I was particularly interested in the Javascript language. At the time it was slow, and I really felt that the virtual machine environment of Java provided everything I could possibly need in developing software – … Continue reading

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Syntax Highlighting in WordPress

When I started to setup this blog, I knew I would need to post a lot of code in order to describe what I wanted to. After some googling around I found WP-Syntax which among the various syntax highlighters appears … Continue reading

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