Computer Build: Quad Titan X with Custom Water Cooling


I’ll be describing the build of my latest PC, which I refer as The Beast. It runs Quad (yes, 4) Titan X graphics cards, 32GB of RAM and some decent intel processor action. I overclock the entire system fairly significantly and all hot components, with the exception of the hard drives, are under water cooling – including water blocks for all GPUs, the processor and mainboard components. The system has two large and one smaller radiators and features 20 low noise/high static pressure fans. Due to the use of large radiators and a high number of fans all in push/pull configurations, and with the help of some vibration suppression for the water pump, the system runs whisper quiet – far quieter than your typical rig with a couple cheap fans. I also had some custom powder coating done for the paint job.

I did this build for myself about a year ago and kept meaning to share here but for whatever reason I just never found the time – until now. After looking at my monster PC this afternoon I decided it was time to get it done. So I will be doing a series of posts here on the build of my custom system. I purchased the vast majority of components via Amazon but also had to reach out to FrozenCPU for certain specialty items. I will start with some pictures so you can get a sense of the final product and then try to enumerate all of the components.

Main Cabinet

Front View


Closed Full Side View


Final Open Full Side View, for Good Measure


The case comes black by default, the red is custom powder coating. Let’s dig in.

Admittedly it has been a full year since I started this build, so I will probably miss some important components, in particular when it comes to cooling hardware where I had to make special orders. Forgive me the lapse but this should cover the vast majority of what was required.

System Components



Existing Items

  • Blu-Ray/DVD-RW drive from old build
  • 4 old hard drives, including some old Caviar Black and a Corsair SSD
  • Various cables, such as SATA cables for old drives etc, from previous build where appropriate

Building this system was a labor of love and I’m excited to share the details including lessons learned. In subsequent posts I will walk through the major steps of the build and also discuss what went well, what was difficult and what was exceptional.


You can find the first phase of the build out for this system here: Quad Titan X Build: Phase One

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